Tee Time Specials
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  1. Find a shovel size that fits your behind, #10 small, #12 medium, #14 large, grain scoop shovels work best. The official “Sponsor and supplier of snow shovels for 2014 is Meadville Farm and Garden. They will have a complete line of shovels available for purchase.
  2. Locate a shovel that has no paint on the bottom, aluminum is the standard but steel is also an option.
  3. Make sure your shovel is not bent or have rough edges
  4. Put legs up around shovel handle, grip the handle between legs/knees and lay back, with your arms to the side.
  5. Don’t lay back too far so that clothes or backside touch the ground
  6. Don’t ever reach forward and grab the shovel handle as this will cause you to go out of control, do not sit up too high or too forward on front of the shovel, as it will cause you to spin out.
  7. You can guide or help steer the shovel by using your hands in an outrigger position, by touching them both to the snow for balance. If you start to spin to the right, pressing the left hand to the snow, will bring the shovel back around straight.  If you start spinning to the left, pressing the right hand down will straighten you out to the left.
  8. Don’t bother wearing aerodynamic shoes for racing, wear functional boots with good tread to help you stop. Stopping is good! ....and critical
  9. If you start to go out of control or want to slow down fast, just lay down all the way on your back with your arms spread out on the snow to get the most resistance. (The safety position), then use your feet for brakes.
  10.  When you cross the finish line you can lay back, pull the shovel out from between your legs with one hand and slide or you can put your feet down, hold the handle, and dig your feet in to stop.
  11. To make the shovel go quicker you can use everything from car wax, to silicone spray, ski wax.
  12. Spinning out is dangerous. Sitting all the way back with your weight towards the back of the shovel keeps the handle from popping out easier should you spin out.
  13. If you start to slide completely backwards and lose control while going down the hill, the backside of the shovel can catch the edge and fly out from underneath you so that would be a good time to lay down flat into the “Safety Position”.
  14. Always wear a helmet with goggles, visor or eye protection primarily for protection from the snow pellets flying into your face when you stop.
  15. Stay as quiet (lack of movement) as possible while seated in your shovel, don’t lay too far forward or too far back where your clothes or body touch the snow. The less you touch to steer the faster you will go. Advanced riders keep hands in tight and sparingly touch the ground.
  16.  Keep your feet forward and close together pointed down the hill with hands tucked in to your sides for the most aerodynamics position.
  17. To see it live by World Champion “The Shovelmeister”  Check out the “How to Shovel Race” video at www.youtube.com/theshovelmeister