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Rules for the 2014 “Snow Shovel Xpress” Race

  1. You may use any type of scoop or grain shovel that has not been modified in any way structurally. It may be a #10-#14 size and be made of plastic, steel or aluminum.
  2. Shovel handle and grip may be painted, or decorated with streamers etc. for decoration purposes. Top of shovel scoop may be painted but may not contain anything that would connect or strap you onto the shovel. No straps, velcro, seat belts etc.
  3. You may use whatever wax, or spray lubricant on your shovel bottom you desire as long as it is done in good taste and does not create an environmental mess. No lubricants, cans, bottles etc. can be left out in the open on the hill. You must keep them in a bag or backpack out of sight and to insure you take them home with you!
  4. An approved helmet and eye protection device must be worn for all runs, both practice and race day. Approved helmets can be motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or ski helmets. No hockey, football helmets, or bike riding helmets are acceptable. Eye protection can be full face shields on helmet, or goggles. Safety glasses or sun glasses are not approved eye protection.
  5. Costumes or race suits are encourage but not required. Costumes may not contain anything hard that could cause injury to the racer. Protective gloves must be worn along with complete clothing covering the entire body. No exposed flesh will be permitted for safety purposes other than the face area. No shirtless riders, no shorts, bikini’s etc. No exposed skin.
  6. Heavy shoes or boots are recommended for braking purposes. Light weight shoes, or tennis shoes etc are discouraged.
  7. Every racer of age will sign a waiver prior to making any practice or official runs down the course! All minors must have a legal guardian sign their waiver for them prior to making any runs down the race track.
  8. There will be an opportunity to make practice runs prior to race day for FREE. Please keep track of this availability through our facebook page Avalanche Xpress. Make sure you are on the Meadville site as there is an AvalancheXpress in York,Pa. These Free practice runs will require you to walk back up the hill on your own or you may purchase a lift ticket and utilize the snow tubing lift. If you purchase a tubing lift ticket you will be allowed access to the lifts back up the hill and allowed to tube.
  9. AvalancheXpress will have a small inventory of shovels for public use. We make no guarantees as to the availability of these shovels other than to say we will have at least 6 to practice with and encourage teams and individuals to buy their own so you can place whatever wax etc. you like on the shovel bottom. You will not be allowed to put anything ie (Wax or spray lubricants) on the bottom of our “Public” shovels.
  10. Racers will compete in the specified age/gender category they fall into. On race day everyone will make one timed run in their respective category as they are called in order. After the first run you will be permitted to make your second and final run whenever you like in any order. You must simply wait in line until it is your turn to make your second run! We will make a final announcement prior to closing out each category in order to make sure all racers have made their second and final runs. If you miss the final call for your age/gender category that is your problem, not the race directors.
  11. The fastest timed racer in each category will be declared the winner. In the unlikely event of a tie there will be a run off to determine the ultimate winner. The fastest male and female of all the age divisions will be name the “King and Queen” of the Hill!
  12. The race director has the ability to modify and add to these rules as he sees necessary and appropriate to make this race a fun, safe and fair. His judgement is final.
  13. You may share helmets, goggles and shovels for racing purposes. Helmets should be appropriately sized for the individual using them with chin straps connected under the chin.
  14. If you are using a “public shovel” and your name has been called to make your final run and someone else has just used the shovel you were using, that could be a problem and you may have to use another one out of the “pile”.
  15. On Saturday 22nd Race day you will receive a wrist band and race number indicating you have signed your waiver and are approved to make your runs on the hill. You will be permitted top either use the tubing lift to ride up the hill or walk up the hill. Your entry fee also allows you access to go tubing the entire day of the race.
  16. Individuals may enter both the individuals race and a team race. The individual race will run from start to finish until everyone has completed their 2 runs. After all racers have finished we will have an awards ceremony where trophies or awards will be given out. The team challenge races will begin later in the evening starting with a race meeting at 6;30pm. This race will also run until everyone completes their final 2 runs where upon an awards ceremony will be held with team winners announced and awards given to the winners.
  17. Once you have crossed the finish line on the race course you will be required to begin braking immediately for safety purposes. If in the opinion of our race personnel you are not listening or cooperating in doing so, you will be given one warning and then could potentially lose your race privileges for further participation.  This includes practice sessions. If you are determined to be an unwilling or cooperative participant at practice sessions you will not be permitted to participate on race day!
  18. These rules are not to be considered a complete list by any means and may be added or changed as the race director deems appropriate at any time.
We look forward to you joining us in what we think will be a fun and exciting day. This being our first “Shovel Race” we would ask you for your patience, and constructive ideas as we host this 1st Annual event.